Application to invest in Vanguard's Investor Funds


This form is for financial advisers acting on behalf of their clients.

An Australian residential address is required to invest in Vanguard Investments Australia.

If your client is an existing investor you are not required to open a new investment account on their behalf to invest in a new fund. To add a new fund to their existing account, please refer to the latest PDS and submit an Additional Investment Form.

Please do not use this application form for Partnerships or Incorporated Associations - please use this application form.

Please do not use this application form for Unregulated Trusts (e.g. Family Trusts), please use this application form.
This application allows you to establish an account with Vanguard Investments Australia Ltd (Vanguard).

To begin, please select your account type and click the "Next" button.
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Trustee type *
Please ensure you check your Trust Deed to confirm the SMSF's Trustee Type. If the trustee information provided is incorrect it will hold up your applicaiton.